to The International Montessori Academy (IMA)! Our name is synonymous with quality education and unique learning opportunities. We are dedicated to utilizing the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the daily practices of our school. At IMA, we strive to provide our students with a myriad of experiences that enable them to not only learn, but to also wonder and explore. Our small class sizes help us to understand each child’s learning style and to teach in a manner that helps every student to learn best.

The International Montessori Academy was created with a dream of providing each student a world-class education at an affordable tuition rate in an atmosphere filled with love and respect. Children learn Math, Science, History, Geography, Spanish, Dance and Sign Language among other subjects. The curriculum is designed to provide each


student with a solid foundation in each core subject area that they will continue to build on through their educational career.

IMA Mission
Providing a caring and creative environment so students can develop their intellectual skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow's competitive world.